Woodmanstern Primary

Family Mental Health  

At Woodmansterne, we value a child’s mental health as much as their physical health. We want to equip the children at Woodmansterne with the skills to take care of their minds and emotional wellbeing. We are using the Head First curriculum to give our children the necessary skills to help them identify, self-manage and learn to understand and control their emotions. Throughout our whole curriculum we are developing ways to help children improve their well-being through outdoor learning, PSHE lessons, e-safety and a healthy diet.
To help support this at home it would be fantastic if you could embrace our G.R.E.A.T. values. Please see attached resources to see how you can achieve the family mental health 5 a-day. 

Click here to watch a video explaining the family mental health 5 a day:
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Family Mental Health Workshop Presentation 10 Oct 18  Resources 

Mental Health 5 a day information

Mental Health 5 a day ideas (children)

Mental Health 5 a day ideas (parents)

Mental Health 5 a day poster